Software is eating the world; I’m on a mission to ensure the transition creates value while serving human needs. As a result, I often speak to audiences around the world about the role of design in our information society.

I’ve given presentations and led workshops about information architecture, user experience design, and design leadership around the world. My talks are designed to shift audiences’ perspectives about the impact of design in organizations and society in general. Typical presentation subjects include:
  • The impact of digital technologies on society
  • How to make complex information easier to find and understand
  • How categorization and language affect effectiveness
Jorge presented an engaging and thought-provoking keynote at the National Association of Government Web Professional conference in 2018… As government web professionals it is vital for us to consider and remember the human element behind all of the information and services we provide to the public and Jorge stresses this in all of the work that he does.
Leslie Labrecque
National Association of Government Web Professionals
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