Organize information for clarity & impact.

People are overwhelmed. Websites and apps need Information Architecture: the practice of structuring information to make it easier to use. I help organizations use IA to design products people love.

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IA Consulting

Improve your bottom line by structuring digital properties that provide real value to people.

Strategic UX Design

Align your team around actionable models of how your products serve customer needs.

Training & Coaching

Instill in your team a commitment to delivering clear and impactful user experiences.

  • Three Things I Know

    When living in times of radical technological change, look to things that have stood the test of time.
  • The GREW Model

    A framework for leveraging the power of generative AI while keeping human oversight.
  • Why I'm Excited About Generative AI

    Generative models aren't sentient entities but advanced symbol manipulation tools with vast potential.

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