Hello, I’m Jorge Arango

I bring clarity and alignment to UX design projects by using architectural thinking. In addition to my consulting practice, I’m also an author, podcaster, speaker, and educator

My family and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I’m not working or reading, you can find me photographing our beautiful environs or geeking out on the design of Disney’s theme parks.

About this site

This is my online home and public scratchpad. Among other things, I write about:

  • Information architecture
  • Design as a strategic practice
  • Systems thinking
  • Products, institutions, and societies that stand the test of time

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Jorge Arango
Photo by Alexander Baumgardt

Featured posts


On the importance of architecting the thing that architects the thing.

Three Models

Modeling is the most critical underused design skill. Here are three models you should keep in mind.

Thinking Contextually

Whatever you’re working on isn’t an end in itself; it’s always part of something bigger.

Starting The Big Picture

How you can overcome blank canvas syndrome when sketching your project’s ‘Big Picture.’


In The Informed Life podcast, we learn from design leaders, authors, and folks from various other fields how they organize information to get things done.

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