See the big picture.

When dealing with uncertainty and complexity, organizations need clarity.

A confusing mess

I’m Jorge Arango, and I bring sense and order to design projects by using architectural thinking.

I Can Help Your Team:

A conceptual model diagram

Gain Clarity

Understand how system components work together to support business and social objectives.

A website wireframe

Gain Confidence

Validate and refine models and frameworks by creating prototypes and testing them with users.

A person leading a presentation

Gain Traction

Communicate clearly with stakeholders and align teams behind a coherent and compelling vision.

A clear diagram

About Me

Jorge Arango

I’m an architect by training and temperament. When the web arrived in the mid-1990s, I switched to UX design. Since then, I’ve architected digital experiences and “made the complex clear” for all sorts of organizations, from non-profits to Fortune-500 corporations.

I’m the author of Living in Information: Responsible Design for Digital Places and co-author of Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond.

Besides my design consulting practice, I also write a blog, host a podcast, speak at industry events, and teach at the interaction design program at the California College of the Arts.

Photo by Alexander Baumgardt

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