Well-designed digital places make us smarter.

Websites and apps are where critical parts of our lives happen. We shop, bank, learn, gossip, and select our leaders there. But many of these places weren’t intended to support these activities. Instead, they’re designed to capture your attention and sell it to the highest bidder. My new book, Living in Information, draws upon architecture as a way to design information environments that serve our humanity.

“It has never been more important to design with intention and vision. Living in Information provides a definitive roadmap on how to lead, architect, and design information environments that are intentional, resilient, add value, and shape social interactions.”
— Priyanka Kakar, Director, Product Design, The Walt Disney Company

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Jorge Arango

I’m Jorge Arango, an information architect and strategic designer. I partner with product, design, and innovation leaders to create digital places that make people smarter.

In addition to my consulting practice, I also teach, write, and speak at global design conferences. Please see my LinkedIn profile for more details about my career.


Research, model, prototype, and test digital places that create value for your customers, organization, and society.


Level up the skills of your design team with bespoke information architecture and systemic design training.


Refine and re-energize your organization’s digital design initiatives with engaging custom workshops.

I’ve been making the complex clear for people in all types of organizations—from developing world non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations—for almost twenty-five years. I can help your organization, too, create information environments that generate sustainable long-term value.

Jorge Arango
P.O. Box 29002
Oakland, CA 94604

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