Make systems make sense.

Products and services are only useful when people understand them. But the systems that make them possible can be frightfully complex.

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I’m Jorge Arango. I design systems that make sense to people. I help your team succeed by making your information easier to find, navigate, and understand.

Here’s how we’ll do it:


Information Architecture

We’ll create new conceptual models for your product or service. We’ll define distinctions, labels, and frameworks that’ll make it easier to understand.



We’ll know the new model works when we try it with people. To do this, we’ll build, test, and refine one or more system prototypes.


Strategic Design

We’ll overcome roadblocks and position your team for generative growth by aligning your people, systems, and resources.

I’ve helped a broad range of organizations create digital products and services that make sense. Please contact me to see how I can help you.

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Living in Information: Responsible Design for Digital Places

By Jorge Arango
Two Waves Books, 2018

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Information Architecture: for the Web and Beyond

By Louis Rosenfeld, Peter Morville, and Jorge Arango
O’Reilly Media, 2015

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