IDA Chile: Los Martes son de UX

IDA is a multidisciplinary UX design consultancy based in Santiago, Chile. They asked me to be part of their Los Martes Son de UX (Tuesdays Are for UX) interview series. In this conversation, we discussed the arc of my career and the state of information architecture today. (In Spanish.)

Panel: The Rhythms and Habits of Successful UX Practitioners

I was invited by the good folks at UX Mastery to participate in a live YouTube video panel alongside Laura Klein and Dan Szuc. You can see the panel here:

The three of us delved into the mindsets that have gotten us to our current points in our careers. The whole is worthwhile, but I’ll point out my favorite parts of the conversation:

  • We touched on the importance of aligning your values with your work. This requires you be clear on what your values are; this is something you must make time for. (I recommended Michael Ray’s book The Highest Goal.)
  • Perhaps because of the former point, we delved into the value of philosophy in professional practice. (More on this idea.)
  • Laura brought up an important distinction: the difference between job security and career security; the latter is the only one you can do something about.

Living in Information

Digital systems — such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and your bank’s website — are more than products or tools: They create contexts that change the way we interact, think, understand, and act. In many ways, they function like places. This presentation covers three perspectives from architecture that are essential if we are to create digital products and services that serve our needs. These perspectives are:

  1. The importance of having a solid conceptual structure
  2. Understanding these structures as part of a broader system
  3. Accommodating change by ensuring the system’s sustainability

The presentation is based on a book I’m writing — also tentatively titled Living in Information — which is scheduled to be published by Two Waves (a Rosenfeld Media imprint) in 2018.

Dejando Huellas

A Spanish-language version of my keynote Leaving Your Mark, delivered at Interaction South America 2016 in Santiago, Chile.


¿Cuánto duran los productos y servicios que estás diseñando? ¿Cinco años? ¿Dos años? Dados los constantes cambios en las tecnologías que los subyacen y las características esenciales de los medios interactivos, los apps, sitios web, y otros artefactos informáticos son algunas de las cosas más efímeras que hemos diseñado. Estas cosas están transformando el mundo, creando ecosistemas que impactan la forma en que entendemos el mundo e interactuamos los unos con los otros.

Esta presentación ofrece un modelo para pensar sobre longevidad de los productos y servicios digitales que diseñamos, y así velar por su eficacia a largo plazo.