Episode 77 of The Informed Life podcast doesn’t feature a guest. Many people (including me) are taking a break due to the winter holidays, so I decided to record a retrospective of the conversations we hosted on the show during the year.

The goal wasn’t to be comprehensive. Instead, this episode highlights conversations that reflected at least one of five themes that emerged during the year:

  1. Aligning our values with our actions
  2. Using intentional structures for self-development
  3. Practicing information architecture at scale
  4. Highlighting tools and methods for visualizing systemic intent
  5. Thinking beyond the brain

At the risk of taking some things out of context, I wove in quotes from show guests into my commentary to (hopefully) illuminate ideas that have emerged repeatedly throughout the year.

As I mention towards the end of this episode, we’ve already lined up several guests for 2022. I’m excited about what’s coming next for the show. But for now, I hope you get value from this retrospective — and I wish you and yours happy holidays!

The Informed Life episode 77: Year in Review