Episode 130 of The Informed Life podcast features a compilation of conversations I hosted on the podcast during 2023. Rather than a ‘best-of’ episode, I wanted to highlight themes that emerged in several conversations throughout the year.

The compilation highlights four themes:

  1. Connecting Concepts
  2. Information Architecture Strategies
  3. Personal Knowledge Management Tools and Practices
  4. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

These themes aren’t surprising, given my background and the subject of Duly Noted. It’s always gratifying to look back and see some concordance between different conversations.

That said, I previously did an “end of year” compilation in 2021, and it was a lot of work. So I skipped the exercise in 2022. But for 2023, I tried something new: using AI to help curate the themes and conversations.

The experiment was partly successful, and I plan to write about it here. Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified when that post comes out.

The Informed Life episode 130: 2023 Year in Review