Meetup announcement

Since Living in Information came out, I’ve spoken (mostly virtually) with several UX book clubs about the book. Invariably, these conversations have been insightful and fun. (At least for me, YMMV.) Tomorrow (Mar 25, 2020), I’ll be addressing the UX Bookclub Los Angeles on the topic. (This conversation was always meant to be virtual, so I think it’ll be feasible for folks outside LA to join.)

When I wrote the book, I assumed moving our key interactions to information environments was a process we’d undertake gradually and deliberately. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated it and made it mandatory. As a result, many of us are having to adjust to radically new ways of interacting with each other and remaining productive in information environments. (And it’s not just work!)

I’d love to find out how you are managing. What has/hasn’t worked for you and your team? What could be better? What tools and techniques have proven their worth? How are you keeping your body engaged now that you spend so much more time interacting with your colleagues and friends over screens? How has your current situation changed the way you think about physical and online spaces?

These are some of the questions I’m hoping we’ll discuss tomorrow. I hope you can join us.