It’s been a little over four years since my family and I moved to the SF Bay Area. Before the move, I reached out to my friends here to let them know I was coming and to explore collaborations. Chris Baum was one of the first to respond. I’d known Chris had started a design consultancy with two other partners; now he was inviting me to meet them. Long story short: we hit it off; I started consulting for them, and before long they invited me to join Futuredraft, their company.

In the past four years we all grew together in various ways and produced world-class work, adding great value to our clients. We also cemented life-long friendships. Alas, Futuredraft is now transitioning to a different phase, and my time with the company has come to an end. I’m grateful to Chris, Hans Krueger, and Brian O’Kelley for welcoming me to their little tribe. We remain good friends and may work together again at some point.

But now I’ve transitioned to a different phase myself: I’m consulting independently. Now that I’ve finished the manuscript for my new book (yay!), I’m exploring new opportunities to improve the information environments of our world. If your organization is looking to take design leadership to the next level, please take a look at how I can help and do get in touch. I’m excited to talk about what’s next!