I help product and UX design teams architect systems that drive business objectives while serving user needs

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A conceptual model diagram

Gain Clarity

Understand how system components work together to support business and social objectives.

A website wireframe

Gain Confidence

Validate and refine models and frameworks by creating prototypes and testing them with users.

A person leading a presentation

Gain Traction

Communicate clearly with stakeholders and align teams behind a coherent and compelling vision.

How I can help you

I’ve worked with dozens of design and product teams. Many are held back by the lack of a clearly articulated vision and conceptual structures that bring their products to life.

That’s where I come in. I provide clarity, order, and alignment to UX design projects by using architectural thinking.

Specifically, this involves:

  • Synthesizing research findings into actionable insights
  • Designing systems models, maps, and frameworks
  • Developing a UX architecture for your product (or product family)
  • Helping turn abstract ideas into testable prototypes

Over the last 25 years, I’ve architected digital experiences and “made the complex clear” for a wide range of organizations, from non-profits to Fortune-500 corporations.

I’ve worked with clients in diverse industries, including high tech, financial services, transportation, retail, and healthcare. As a result, I can quickly identify patterns in complex problems and cross-pollinate innovative solutions.

Services I offer

Understand your product’s context and the people it serves

Strategic design
Define a clear path to success and define measures for progress

Information architecture
Make your systems more coherent, learnable, and effective

Test proposed directions in real-world situations

Increase your design team’s effectiveness and efficiency

Jorge quickly leveled up on a very challenging domain, brought frameworks and methods to help us understand our situation, and produced both sense and order. He documented his work in a conceptual model with clear and beautiful diagrams as well as through text and conversation. Every time I would tell him, “I’m sorry this is so messy,” he’d say something like, “Oh, this is the kind of problem I enjoy!”

Cyd Harrell

Cyd Harrell
Consulting Service Design Lead
The Judicial Council of Califo

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