As a seasoned design leader, I will partner with you to create digital products and services that delight and deliver — fast.

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Digital products (such as websites and apps) create information environments that affect how people think and act. I structure these environments so they serve human needs and create value. You can think of me as an architect who works with words, images, and code instead of bricks, steel, and concrete.


We’ll understand the context in which your product will exist and the people it will serve.
We’ll clarify your product’s vision and purpose, and define a path to success.
We’ll define conceptual models that will give your product coherence and impact.
We’ll create tangible models of your product for testing in real-world situations.
We’ll increase the effectiveness of your design team by teaching and mentoring them.
We’ll help you and your design team gain traction within your organization.


I’ve been making the complex clear for people in all types of organizations—from developing world non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations—for almost twenty-five years. Companies I’ve worked with include Charles Schwab, GE, Ford, Nestlé, and American Express. I relish taking on new challenges. That said, I can hit the ground running in financial services, healthcare, industrial, and energy contexts.

Jorge Arango
P.O. Box 29002
Oakland, CA 94604

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