Yesterday, I published episode 100 of The Informed Life podcast. I don’t attribute any particular significance to things based on their ordinal number, but moving up one place value felt special. So rather than doing a regular “interview” episode, I dedicated this one to answering listener questions.

We tackled four questions. In essence (I’m paraphrasing):

  • How can you best circle back to do “proper” IA on a product that grew organically?
  • Is there a role for friction in interaction design?
  • What’s to be done about the complexity of current tools for thought?
  • What are exciting new trends re: search?

I did my best to answer these — although the final edit is (mercifully) shorter than usual. It’s great to hear from listeners; this won’t be the last of these I do. If you have questions you’d like me to answer on the show, please get in touch.

And as much as I liked answering listener questions, I decided to celebrate episode 100 in another way: by launching a new site for the podcast. As I did with this website last year, I’ve now moved from WordPress to Jekyll.

This means all my site content originates in Markdown files on my computer, which will make it easier for me to publish and cross-reference stuff. The new site is also much faster and more secure, since everything is stored as plain text HTML.

As I mentioned during the episode, I’m excited to continue publishing the podcast. I love meeting people, and having the show gave me a reason to reach out to fascinating people during the pandemic. I expect to continue doing the show at least as long as you continue to tune in.

The Informed Life episode 100 - Listener Questions