TL;DR: I’ve pulled the plug on The Architecture of Information as a separate site. The posts I published there are now hosted on this site. I’ve set up a redirect, so links don’t break.

Longer version:

For the last few years, I’ve published posts here about information architecture under the rubric of The Architecture of Information, or TAOI. Last year, I undertook an experiment: I migrated those posts to a separate blog in a different domain.

The goal was twofold:

  1. Create a more neutral (i.e., not associated with me personally) repository of IA examples from around the web, and
  2. Create a separate site where I could experiment with IA structures.

Readers received the site with a burst of excitement, which encouraged me. But traffic soon tapered off, and now it’s a fragment of what serves. At this point, I expect it’d take years to build towards goal #1.

I planned to write one new TAOI post per month. I sustained that pace for a while, but then fell behind. Whereas I treat as a public scratchpad, TAOI felt more formal, which led me to spend more time on each post there. Eventually, writing became a chore.

Furthermore, I’ve been too busy with other projects to work towards goal #2. At one point, I considered moving the site to Jekyll. I learned the system and created a new template, but eventually decided not to devote more time on that project.

Recently, I’ve been spotting items I want to write about under the TAOI rubric but aren’t fit for the format of the other site. I missed writing here and didn’t see an upside to maintaining a separate site and social media accounts. The experiment had run its course.

So, I’ve migrated the nine posts I published at to this site, and set up a redirect, so the links don’t break. I will continue publishing in the TAOI line, but from now on, posts will appear on this site.

Thanks to everyone who checked out or shared my writing on the other site. I hope you stick around as I continue to write about IA and related subjects. (If you want to stay in the loop, please subscribe to my newsletter.)