In my latest post for The Architecture of Information, I highlight a change to how Disney+ allows viewers to browse Marvel movies. Per an article on The Verge,

When Disney Plus launched, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies weren’t exactly organized. There were rows for featured titles, movies, and TV shows, but everything was kind of strewn together. Almost every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie you wanted was here — you just had to spend a minute finding it. Now, however, it looks like Disney has changed around the Marvel section a tad to make it, well, make sense.

In the screenshot below (taken from a Disney Plus US account), the Marvel films are separated into their specific phases, and then there’s an additional row for people who want to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order as the events occur within the universe timeline. (There are some arguable inaccuracies in the Timeline Order row, but that’s for another blog post.)

Screenshot: The Verge

Screenshot: The Verge

Changing how the sorting of movies to mirror the user’s mental model leads to a better experience. It’s great to see high-profile services like Disney+ get better by improving their IA.

The Order of Marvel Movies - The Architecture of Information