Episode 37 of The Informed Life podcast features an interview with Audrey Crane. Audrey is a partner in DesignMap, a UX strategy and product design consultancy based in San Francisco. She recently published a book, appropriately titled What CEOs Need to Know About Design, and in this conversation we discuss how the book came about and why it matters now:

I think we as designers – and maybe this is true of all professions, I’m not really sure – but we have conferences and we write blog posts, but a lot of it – and acknowledging the irony of me saying this as we’re in a podcast with that designer talking to a designer – like it’s a lot of like designers speaking to designers. And we’re talking about really good, important, PhD-level stuff, which is great for furthering our profession and making us better at what we do, but it’s not great for somebody who wants to know, honestly, what’s a wireframe? And we have had, specifically at DesignMap and other places where I’ve worked as a consultant, we’ve had clients say, why is it all black and white? Or, when are we going to get the design maps? Like thinking that, like, oh, there’s… there are maps. So many kinds of maps, but design maps are not one of them. And it’s great that they’re asking the question and I fret about how they feel when we answer it.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with DesignMap on several projects over the last two years. Audrey and her team are committed to excellence and adding value through design. I recommend both her book and our conversation on the subject.

The Informed Life Episode 37: Audrey Crane on Design in Organizations

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