• “There is abundant evidence that we human beings have far greater ability and desire to overcome our divisions than we realize.” We Are Not Divided, a project that explores “the many ways we bridge our divides.”
  • “In software, good design is not intended to be gazed upon and admired and appreciated. It is most successful when it recedes in to the background.” From a short interview with Irene Au on what UX design is. (Via Kenny Chen’s UX Design Weekly newsletter.)
  • “UX needs to get its shit together because there are many products out there like Twitter and Facebook that have amplified the worst parts of society. If UX can’t solve those problems, we have no business doing UX.” From an interview with Dan Brown.
  • A list of UX clichés.
  • As Brian Eno has said, you can focus on the work or you can focus on the frame around the work. Focusing on the frame can be quite powerful.
  • Microsoft released its now Xbox gaming console. Alas, its name may be confusing some buyers, including me.
  • My students often want to know if they’re doing things the “right” way. Recently I thought of a good analog to teach the role of rules in creative work.
  • An interview with Marc Andreessen about how he keeps on top of things these days.
  • A new paper that proposes blending foresight and design for strategic decision-making.
  • A Twitter thread on lessons for software designers from Stewart Brand’s How Buildings Learn.

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