We Are Tradesmen

“I call myself a tradesman, but any good tradesman should work only on problems that come within his genuine ineterst, and you solve a problem for your client where your two interests overlap. You should do an injustice both to yourself and your client to work on a problem of interest to the client but not to you — it just wouldn’t work. In that spirit, we are tradesmen. If your work is good enough it can be art, but art isn’t a product. It’s a quality.”

— Charles Eames

The Space That Symbolizes the Information Age

“The space that symbolizes the Information Age is not the symmetrical and ornamental space of traditional architecture, the rectangular volumes of modernism, nor the broken and blown up volumes of deconstruction. Rather, it is space whose shapes are inherently mutable and whose soft contours act as a metaphor for the key quality of computer-driven representations and systems: variability.”

— Lev Manovich